Repainting side wall metal cladding

Renovate metal facades protecting building walls easily and durably, even in polluted industrial or marine environments.
Make old metal cladding look new again with our wide choice of colors.
Opt for an optional anti-graffiti or chemical-resistant finish.

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The problem

The metal cladding protecting the walls are generally factory-treated with an original coating such as coil coating, plastisol, powder coating, etc. Sometimes they are simply galvanized. 

These surfaces are subject to weathering and the vagaries of climate. UV rays, rain, wind and atmospheric pollution attack them daily. The result is a change in color, chalking, the appearance of rust - particularly on the edges - the delamination of the original coating, leaving the metal of the cladding bare and exposed.

The solution

RD Coatings offers different systems depending on the condition of the cladding, its location, the performance required and the desired finish.
These are generally paint systems that can be applied quickly in just two coats!
Our water-based products are non-flammable and virtually odorless. They contain very few volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are applied quickly and easily, and cause very little inconvenience!

Our most common solution is using RD-Metal Unicoat (BM1 system).

RD-Metal Unicoat is a fast, simple and economical solution for renovating metal cladding and facades. It’s a single-component product and can be applied in a single coat for a simple refresh, or in two coats for a more in-depth renovation. Applied correctly and depending on the shade chosen, the system's lifespan can exceed 15 years!

RD-Metal Unicoat combines anti-corrosive properties, flexibility, good adhesion to different types of substrate and UV resistance. 
RD-Metal Unicoat is available in most RAL and NCS colors, as well as others manufactured on request.

Industrial or marine environments

For claddings in industrial or maritime environments, or for surfaces already heavily attacked by rust or partially delaminated, it is necessary to use RD-Elastometal for the first coat (BM2 system).

RD-Elastometal combines very high anti-corrosive properties, elasticity, excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates and UV resistance.

Given its slightly rubbery finish, it is preferable to cover it with RD-Metal Unicoat for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Anti-graffiti - scratch resistance - chemical resistance

In some cases, and depending on the location of the building, it may be useful to add an additional protective layer of RD-Hydrograff HP.

Available in transparent or colored, satin, mat or glossy, RD-Hydrograff HP will increase the resistance to various mechanical (scratches, rubbing) or chemical (chemical splashes, cleaning with detergents, noxious fumes) aggressions.

RD-Hydrograff HP is a two-component, water-based polyurethane paint offering very high chemical and mechanical resistance.

Metallic finish

RD-Aquafinish or RD-Hydrograff HP RAL 9006 or 9007 can be used to achieve an aluminum-type metallic finish.


The most common situations are described below. Don't hesitate to contact us if you feel they don’t match to your reality. 

BM1. Metal cladding > 1 year in a rural, urban or industrial environment (type C4 maximum) - totally delaminated surface in an environment without severe atmospheric pollution

 ProductConsumptionDry film

1st layer

RD-Metal Unicoat

0,20 L/m²
200 s/f-g
95 µ
4 mils

2nd layer

RD-Metal Unicoat

0,20 L/m²
200 s/f-g
95 µ
4 mils

BM2. Metal cladding > 1 year in an industrial or marine environment (type C5) - delaminated and/or heavily rusted surface

 ProductConsumptionDry film
1st layerRD-Elastometal0,4 kg/m²
130 s/f-g
175 µ
7 mils

2nd layer

RD-Metal Unicoat

0,20 L/m²
200 s/f-g
95 µ
4 mils

NB: the 2nd coat of RD-Metal Unicoat can be replaced by one of the finishes suggested below. 

Special and optional finishes :

Anti-graffiti finish - anti-scratch - resistant to chemical contamination

 ProductConsumptionDry film
Option ARD-Hydrograff HP Clear0,10 L/m²
400 s/f-g
40 µ
1,5 mils
Option BRD-Hydrograff HP Satin RAL...0,08 L/m²
480 s/f-g
40 µ
1,5 mils

Metallic finition

 ProductConsumptionDry film
Option ARD-Aquafinish 96 or 970,10 L/m²
390 s/f-g
30 µ
1,2 mils
Option B

RD-Hydrograff HP RAL 9006

0,10 L/m²
400 s/f-g
40 µ
1,5 mils

/!\ Caution

Recent cladding with original Plastisol or PVDF coating

RD-Metal Unicoat may not adhere to these surfaces in rare cases, as these coatings are designed to be very resistant against dirt pick up and are specially treated to be "self-cleaning". We recommend carrying out an adhesion test beforehand. 

Dark Plastisol cladding exposed to strong sunlight.

The heat of intense summer sunshine, especially on south-facing sides, can cause plasticizers to migrate from the original coating of the cladding. To prevent plasticizers from migrating upwards and altering the final appearance, it is advisable to apply RD-Elastometal as a first coat and follow the BM2 system. As dark colors attract more heat, it's on these that you need to pay the most attention to this phenomenon (black, dark green and brown, etc.).

Application conditions and work preparation

Environmental conditions (general requirements):

  • Minimum air and substrate temperatures: 10°C / 50°F for 24 hours.
  • Maximum surface temperature: 55°C / 130°F.
  • Maximum relative humidity: 90%.
  • Surface temperature must be at least 3°C / 5°F above dew point.
  • No threat of rain for 3 hours.

/!\ Notes

  • There must be no condensation on the surface during application and drying. Caution when working at the beginning or end of the season!
  • Overnight drying between coats is generally recommended. However, drying rates for water-based coatings depend on temperature, humidity and wind.
  • From 15°C / 59°F, working conditions are comfortable and enable higher productivity. 
  • If the project is located in a very hot area with very intense sunshine during the day, avoid applying the system when the sun is most intense on the surface, and prefer to work early in the morning, late in the afternoon or in the shade.

Interesting to know!

  • RD-Metal Unicoat and RD-Elastometal have no overlap window. In other words, if work has to be interrupted due to a sudden change in the weather, it can be resumed later without any problem! Just make sure you clean up according to the time elapsed.

Surface preparation

The surface must always be clean, dry, free of grease and contaminants. Rust or loose paint must be removed.

Accepted methods and standards :

  • High-pressure cleaning to SSPC SP12 WJ4.
  • Manual or mechanical derusting ST2 - ISO 8501-1 / SSPC SP2 or SP3.
  • High-pressure cleaner with rotating nozzle at 0° angle, minimum 180 bar / 2600 psi.


Paint that has resisted to the cleaning process can remain in place. Depending on the nature of the project or the specific area to be treated, a combination of these methods is possible.

Cleaning by hand or with a power tool is also an option, and is recommended when more detailed surface preparation is required on objects located on or near the cladding, such as chimneys, access ladders and bolts/fixings that may be heavily rusted.

Moss and mildew should be removed down to the roots using appropriate cleaners.

Direct environment

Observe the presence of any chimneys or ventilation units that may expel contaminants onto the surface to be treated. Neutralize their effects during work.

RD-Eco Powerclean

Use RD-Eco Powerclean just before application to ensure that the surface is clean and degreased. Particularly in the presence of stubborn dirt, oil, grease or pollution on the surface, or where there is a long lap of time between surface preparation and the start of the application.

Inspection of bolts/fasteners

Inspect the condition of the bolts securing the metal sheets to each other and to the wall structure. Defective bolts and fasteners must be repaired or replaced. 


Applying a coat of RD-Metal Unicoat or RD-Elastometal over each fastener after inspection will not only help visualize the progress of the inspection, but also add a first protective layer over these weak spots. This step is recommended in harsh environments or on heavily rusted surfaces.

Edges and corners

Check edges and corners. These are the areas most prone to corrosion. In case of corrosion or bare metal, apply RD-Elastometal with a brush.


Application material

RD-Metal Unicoat

14 mm polyamide brush or roller or 3/8" bristles.
Airless device: pressure between 150 and 180 bar / 2000 and 2600 psi. Nozzle opening: 0.013 - 0.015 in.


Airless device: minimum pressure 180 bar / 2600 psi. Nozzle opening: 0.015 - 0.023 in.

RD-Hydrograff HP

Brush or roller
Airless device: pressure +/- 70 bar / 1000 psi. Nozzle opening: 0.007 - 0.009 in.


Brush or roller.
Airless device: pressure between 70 and 150 bar / 1000 and 2000 psi. Nozzle opening: 0.010 - 0.012 in.

RD-Eco Powerclean

Low-pressure sprayer. Allow to work, then rinse.

Nettoyage des outils

Clean with clean water only.

Product application

RD-Metal Unicoat

Ready-to-use product. Stir mechanically a few minutes before application. Dilute to max. 3% with water for airless use in warm weather (> 25°C / > 77°F).

Drying time: (20°C - 68°F)
Touch-dry: +/- 2 hours
Recoatable: +/- 4 hours


Ready-to-use product. Stir mechanically a few minutes before application. Do not dilute.

Drying time: (20°C - 68°F)
Touch-dry: +/- 3 hours
Recoatable: +/- 6 hours

RD-Hydrograff HP

Two-component product: just before application, add slowly component B to component A while mixing mechanically.

After mixing, allow to stand for approx. 5-10 minutes, until air bubbles disappear.

 Mixing ratioColor versionClear
WeightB 270g / A 995gB 170g / A 850g
Volume3,5 : 15,5 : 1

Pot-life: 2 hours at 20°C / 68°F
Drying time: (20°C - 68°F)
Touch-dry: 6 h
Recoatable: min. 8 h, max. 72 h, without sanding
Mechanical resistance: 3 days
Chemical resistance: 7 days


Ready-to-use product. Stir mechanically a few minutes before application. Do not dilute.

Drying time: (20°C - 68°F)
Touch-dry: +/- 1h30
Dry: +/- 2 hours
Recoatable: +/- 4 hours

RD-Eco Powerclean

Dilute between 5 and 20% in water, depending on degree of soiling. Spray on and leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse with a high-pressure cleaner.