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    Technical sheet

    High quality VOC-free mat decorative paint with no odour for interior walls and ceilings.

    Thanks to its advanced formulation and high-quality pigments, Ecomat allows you to paint interiors without being bothered by odors and, above all, without emitting harmful particles into the air during and after drying. Ecomat avoids the phenomenon of "indoor pollution" and allows freshly painted rooms to be (re)occupied very quickly.

    Ecomat will give a deep matte appearance on walls and ceilings, is highly resistant and cleans up easily.

    Ecomat :

    • • Zero VOC (solvent-free and odorless).
    • • High covering power.
    • • Fast drying. 
    • • Available in thousands of colors.

    Ecomat can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

    Available colors

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