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    RD-Cement Mix

    Technical sheet

    Water based emulsion based on synthetic resins to be used together with RD-Cement Filler for additional flexibility.

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    Technical sheet

    Description of the product


    RD-CEMENT MIX is a water based emulsion based on synthetic resins.


    RD-Cement MIX:

    • Has very good mechanical and elastic properties
    • Tensile strength: 6 N/mm2
    • Elongation at break: 1000%
    • Temperature Resistance: -30 ° C - + 70 ° C
    • Surface tension: 30 mN / m. 

    Application instructions


    Can be used with any hydraulic binder
    • Unsaponifiable material;
    • Environmentally friendly;
    • Can be used as a primer or as an adhesion primer for cement grouts or plaster work on difficult to treat smooth surfaces such as concrete, smooth tiles, paint, glass, plastic and so one;
    • As an insulating primer on any type of burnt areas, water spots, etc. which have to be filled, painted or plastered afterwards.

    This should be done like this: make a dilution of 1 part of water and 1 part of RD-Cement Mix.
    Apply until the surface feels sticky (not dry) and after this, apply the plaster immediately.


    Flat brush or normal brush.


    RD-CEMENT FILLER mixed with RD-CEMENT MIX 20% shows an excellent brushability to make the walls of concrete tanks, water purification stations, collection tanks, concrete water channels etc. waterproof.


    1. Substrate Preparation: As substrate, any type of porous concrete or masonry is suitable. Bad joints, cavities and damage must be filled first by means of RD-CEMENT FILLER (see technical data sheet) Metal which should be coated, pre-treat with RD-ELASTOMETAL.
    The substrate should be supporting, clean, stripped of loose parts and may be dry or slightly humid, max. 5%. Remove hydrophobic rests such as oils, grease or ancient coats.

    2. Finish:

    Apply 1 coat of RD-CEMENT MIX diluted with 1 part water, so 1 on 1, on the concrete – Consumption: about 4 m²/L, depending on the porosity of the substrate.
    Apply 2 coats of mixed RD-CEMENT FILLER with RD-CEMENT MIX by means of a flat or normal brush. Application of the second coat should be done after drying of the first one. Consumption: at least 2 kg of mixed product m².
    In order to change the brushability, water may be added. Do not apply during bad weather conditions, abundant rain and risk of frost.

    DRYING TIME (20°C - 68°F):

    Touch dry: +/- 1h hour
    Recoatable: +/- 4 hours



    Technical data

    FINISH (Gardner 60°):

    The primer penetrates in the substrate and gives a glossy aspect.




    1.01 +/- 0.05 g/cm³


    In weight:  48,5 % +/-2
    In volume: 48,5 % +/-2


    30 m Pas (ISO3219)


    0 g/L


    Not flammable


    24 months, keep away from frost and store away from heat.

    Safety data

    Information related to hygiene and to safety can be found in the Safety Data Sheet available on request.

    These specifications are given for information. Since the manufacturer is not able to check the application of the products, he cannot accept any responsibility for it. This technical data sheet replaces all previous editions.

    VERS. D021/230215