Our offer consists of waterborne coatings that can protect metallic surfaces in some of the worse environments.

Coatings marked SCS – Single Coating System – are specially designed to be applied as a two coat system of the same product. Leading to higher productivity, less mistakes on jobs, and limited downtime.

Our coatings also work together to respond to every individual and specific need.

Our coatings directly compete against traditional epoxy/polyurethane systems and can provide as good or even better protection with less thickness, less layers and easier application.

The performances are proven by numerous independent lab reports. But mostly by the millions of square meters of metal surfaces protected by RD Coatings and satisfied customers on five continents.

Using waterborne protective coatings instead of solvent based coatings is one way to improve our environment but also the health and safety of the entire supply chain.

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News about our coatings for metals:

28/05/2019: What waterborne coatings can do!