Single pack and Two pack systems – 100% waterborne.

Varnishes & Colours.

Decorative and high abrasion resistant systems.


Single-pack, waterborne, very low VOC elastomeric paint for a durable protection and available in thousands of colours.
Very good outdoor durability and dirt pick-up resistance.
Waterproof and breathable.
High elasticity (> 600%), great bridging capacity.

RD-Hydrograff HP

High performance waterborne two pack aliphatic polyurethane top coat for indoor and outdoor use.
Available in mat, satin or gloss finish. In colour or transparent.
RD-Hydrograff HP is a very durable and resistant coating that can be used directly onto wood and parquets.
Very good resistance to chemicals and to solvents – Very high hardness and resistance to abrasion – Approved to be used in the food industry.

RD-Monovar PU

Single component waterborne varnish based on an acrylic and polyurethane dispersion.
Available in mat, satin and gloss finish.
Very good resistance to abrasion and water, RD-Monovar PU protects all kind of wood essences
Very good weathering resistance.
Suitable to be applied on concrete floors, parquets and woodworking.

RD-Aquatop PU

High performance waterborne top coat. Based on acrylic and polyurethane resins. Available in mat, satin, or semi-gloss finish, and in any colour.
Single pack, fast drying, RD-Aquatop PU offers a hard and wear resistant film.
RD-Aquatop PU can be used directly on most essence of woods. It’s also an excellent paint system to renovate furniture.