Simple solutions for long term protection.

RD Coatings offers cold liquid waterproofing coatings for every situation.

Anti-corrosion + Waterproofing = Exclusive products


High performance waterborne anti-corrosion elastomeric paint. Primer and top coat in one. Satin gloss finish and available in any colour.
RD-Elastometal combines anti-corrosion and waterproofing properties.

Single pack, easy surface preparation, 200% elasticity, very high resistance to corrosion and to weathering.
This makes RD-Elastometal the most efficient liquid coating solution for the renovation of metallic roofs.


Waterborne one pack waterproofing product for roofs and balconies. Based on styrene-acrylic dispersions.
RD-Elastodeck forms an elastic and waterproofing film. Available in multiple colours.
RD-Elastodeck is widely used for the renovation of old bituminous roofings. This liquid waterproofing membrane is a cost saving solution when flat roofs needs to be renovated.
Simple and fast to apply, RD-Elastodeck will protect roofs for years!


Waterborne one component waterproofing liquid membrane for roofs. Based on acrylic dispersion.
RD-Elastoroof forms a rubbery, very elastic and waterproofing film which is permeable to vapours.
RD-Elastoroof can be applied onto any substrate if the adapted system is applied.

RD-Elastoroof Alu

Waterborne one component acrylic paint for roofs. The film has a decorative aluminium look that will protect against UVs.
The film is waterproof and very elastic – very good adherence onto asbestos-cement roofs, shingles, roofing …
RD-Elastoroof ALU can perfectly be combined on with RD-Elastometal and RD-Elastodeck.

RD-Roof Color

One component coating that can be applied on different types of roofs such as sloping roofs.
RD-Roof Color remains elastic even at low temperature and can overbridge cracks. it makes it perfect for maskign imperfections.
Allows diffusion of water vapor. Unsaponifiable and alcali resistant.
RD-Roof Color is also UV resistant and won’t discolour.
RD-Roof Color is suitable for roofs made of cement, asbeste, shingles etc.

RD-Roof White

Heat reflective coating for roofs – can also be used as a reflective coat for sun panels for higher productivity.
One component coating that can be applied on different types of roofs such as plane roofs or sloping roofs.
RD-Roof White remains elastic even at low temperature and has extraordinary insulation properties.
Overbridging cracks – Allows diffusion of water vapor – Unsaponifiable – Alcali resistant – UV resistant – Doesn’t discolour
RD-Roof White protects the roofs against heat.


Waterborne one component liquid membrane – Waterproofing and heat insulation for walls and façades – Heat insulation for roofs.
RD-Thermoflex is based on pure acrylic resin and ceramic micro-spheres dispersed in water.
This coating is elastic over a broad temperature range – Excellent dirt pick-up resistance – Excellent outdoor durability – Very high solids content – Reduces thermal shock and heat penetration.
RD-Thermoflex can be applied on new and old masonry – Cement – Concrete – All kinds of roofs

RD-Roof Fleece

USE: Reinforcement meshes which is used in the waterproofing systems for roofs and decks.
FEATURES: Good bridging ability of cracks. Good resistance to UV, acids and alkali.
SUBSTRATES: Concrete and bituminous substrates.