Durable wear and abrasion resistant waterborne coatings.

RD Coatings offers different coatings for low trafic areas to intensive industrial usage.

Solutions for indoor and outdoor – Single pack or Two pack systems.


Two-pack, waterborne epoxy for floors, walls, drainage channels and water tanks.
RD-Hydropox forms a very hard and abrasion resistant film with a good resistance against solvents, oils and fuels.
RD-Hydropox has an European approval for non permanent contact with food ingredients.
RD-Hydropox is 100% VOC free!

RD-Hydrograff HP

High performance waterborne two pack aliphatic polyurethane top coat for indoor and outdoor use.
Available in mat, satin or gloss finish. In colour or transparent.

Part of the SCS – Single Coating System – product group.

RD-Hydrograff HP is a very durable and resistant coating that can be used directly onto floors, wooden floors and concrete walls.
RD-Hydrograff HP also has excellent anti-graffiti properties.

Very good resistance to chemicals and to solvents – Very high hardness and resistance to abrasion – Approved to be used in the food industry.

RD-Monofloor PU

Waterborne one component coating for the protection of floors. Based on acrylic and polyurethane dispersions.
Suits very well as a topcoat on balcony waterproofing systems. Indoor and outdoor use.

Part of the SCS – Single Coating System – product group.

RD-Monofloor PU offers Good chemical resistance – Very good hardness – Excellent resistance against abrasion and solvents – Only to be used for light traffic (pedestrians).

RD-Monovar PU

Single component waterborne varnish based on an acrylic and polyurethane dispersion.
Available in mat, satin and gloss finish.
Very good resistance to abrasion and water, RD-Monofloor PU can be applied on floors.
Very good weathering resistance.
Suitable to be applied on concrete floors, parquets and woodworking.

RD-Hydropox H

RD-Hydropox H is a waterborne two component epoxy paint which can be applied on green concrete for indoor application.
RD-Hydropox H is a professional coating without solvents – Easy to clean – High abrasion resistance – Resistance against solvents, oil and fuel.
RD-Hydropox H is a 100% VOC free coating.


RD-Aquaroad is a traffic paint for concrete and asphalt.
Waterborne, one component, unbeaded traffic paint of the A2 type, based on pure acrylic resin and titanium dioxide.
RD-Aquaroad respects the environment and the applicator. The product can be used in urban or in linear conditions.

RD-Football White

Waterborne, one component paint for the outlining of lawn sports grounds. Based on pure acrylic resin and titanium dioxide.
The RD-Football White guarantees a high and durable whiteness index, due to the high degree of titanium dioxide contents – Easy to use.
For application on grass.


Waterborne one component acrylic paint for sports grounds, especially tennis fields.
Excellent flexibility – High mechanical resistance – High resistance against humidity.
RD-Tenniscryl is suitable for concrete and bitumen based fields.

RD-Roof Fleece

Reinforcement mesh for the bridging of cracks and dilatation joints to be used in the waterproofing systems for roofs, floors and decks.
Excellent bridging ability of cracks. Good resistance to UV, acids and alkali.
To be used on concrete, bricks and bituminous substrates.