Waterproofing systems for concrete, facades and walls.

Anti-graffiti systems and dust pick-up resistant coatings.

Food industry approuved and high wear and abrasion resistant coating systems.


Single-pack, waterborne, very low VOC elastomeric paint for concrete protection.
Very good outdoor durability and dirt pick-up resistance.
Waterproof and breathable.
High elasticity (> 600%), great bridging capacity.
CE class 2 certified product.

Part of the SCS – Single Coating System – product group.

Highly recommended to protect concrete against carbonation.
Highly recommended product for renovation of large buildings.


Two-pack, waterborne epoxy for walls, tiles and various concrete or cement surfaces needing high abrasion resistance.
RD-Hydropox forms a very hard and abrasion resistant film with a good resistance against solvents, oils and fuels.
RD-Hydropox has an European approval for non permanent contact with food ingredients.

Part of the SCS – Single Coating System – product group.

RD-Hydropox is 100% VOC free!

RD-Hydrograff HP

High performance waterborne two pack aliphatic polyurethane top coat for indoor and outdoor use.
Available in mat, satin or gloss finish. In colour or transparent.

Part of the SCS – Single Coating System – product group.

RD-Hydrograff HP is a very durable and resistant coating that can be used directly onto bricks and concrete walls.
RD-Hydrograff HP has excellent anti-graffiti properties.

Very good resistance to chemicals and to solvents – Very high hardness and resistance to abrasion – Approved to be used in the food industry.

RD-Monovar PU

Single component waterborne varnish based on an acrylic and polyurethane dispersion.
Available in mat, satin and gloss finish.
Very good resistance to abrasion and water, RD-Monovar PU can be applied on floors.
Very good weathering resistance.
Suitable to be applied on concrete floors, parquets and woodworking.

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Waterborne one component liquid membrane – Waterproofing and heat insulation for walls and façades – Heat insulation for roofs.
RD-Thermoflex is based on pure acrylic resin and ceramic micro-spheres dispersed in water.
This coating is elastic over a broad temperature range – Excellent dirt pick-up resistance – Excellent outdoor durability – Very high solids content – Reduces thermal shock and heat penetration.
RD-Thermoflex can be applied on new and old masonry – Cement – Concrete

RD-Mur Acryl

RD-Mur Acryl is a high quality acrylic exterior paint for facades.

Available in thousands of colours.

Available in mat, soft and satin finish.

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Waterborne one component transparent impregnation primer, for porous and powdering supports, indoor and outdoor. To apply before a waterborne system. Based on acrylic resin dispersed in water.

Good fixing capacity – The dispersed particles are very small, so it allows a better penetration of the substrate.

Porous substrates such as bricks, concrete, plaster and derivatives.

Elastoflex Quartz

Waterborne and elastic structured waterproofing product based on pure acrylics.

High elasticity over a broad temperature range – Permeable to water vapour – Breathing though protecting against penetrating humidity – Very good outdoor resistance.

Suitable for old or new masonry, cement, bricks, concrete…

RD-Hydrofuge Aqua

Waterborne liquid solution of siloxane polymers for the water repelling protection of walls and façades, outdoor.

Protects against penetrating humidity – Lets the substrate breath – Almost doesn’t change the aspect of the substrate – Very good outdoor durability.

Suitable on bricks, concrete and other porous mineral supports.

RD-Mur Fleece

Reinforcement mesh which is used in the waterproofing systems for walls and façades.

Good bridging ability of cracks. Good resistance to UV, acids and alkali.

Suitable fo concrete and bricks with cracks.

RD-Cement Filler

Mineral powdery and dry mix based on cement, granulates and additives, for the repair of almost all the damage of concrete, stabilized cracks.
Additive for the application of cementings, jointings, repairs on bricks and masonry.

Fast drying – Unshrinkable – Excellent adherence to a well prepared support – Very good watertightness – Excellent mechanical solidity.

Suitable for new and old masonry – concrete.

RD-Cement Mix

RD-CEMENT MIX is a water based emulsion based on synthetic resins.