A Landmark In Protection Against Corrosion


a landmark in protection against corrosion

For decades RD-Elastometal has proven to be a very reliable coating for various anti-corrosion projects.
Millions of tons of steel structures have and are currently protected by two coats of this one of a kind water-based coating !

Fast, Safe & Easy application
No solvents: no risks before or during application!

Inland – Onshore – Offshore
Steel bridges, cast iron steel façades, tank farms, silos, pipe racks, …
Name it, RD-Elastometal covers it!

“Direct-to-rusty metal”

A desserved and widely proven feature when looking at how well RD-Elastometal adheres and preserves old and weathered surfaces.

If you are looking for a high-performance, durable coating system to preserve metal without having the burden of adding a second or third component, with no pot life and no fire or explosion risks, then RD-Elastometal is your best choice.

Single Coating System
You have a project in mind and want to switch to RD Coatings eco-friendly technology?
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RD-Coatings manufactures exclusively high performance waterborne protective and industrial coatings!

We focus our R&D on simple and efficient solutions that have proven trackrecords on five continents, under various climates!

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