RD-Eco Powerclean

    Technical sheet

    Powerful biodegradable alkaline concentrate composed of anti-flash rust additives for cleaning and preparing surfaces before painting.

    (*) RD-Eco PowerClean has a yield of approximately 100 m² per liter of concentrate when diluted at 5% in water.

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    Technical sheet

    Description of the product


    Powerful biodegradable alkaline concentrate composed of anti-flash rust additives for cleaning and preparing surfaces before painting.


    RD-Eco PowerClean is a high performance biodegradable alkaline detergent with strong degreasing power. It quickly removes grease, oily residues, soot, and dirt of animal, vegetable and mineral origin. It dissolves in water and does not emit an unpleasant odor.

    Thanks to the anti-flash rust additives, RD-Eco PowerClean is particularly suitable for cleaning metal surfaces before preparation by shot blasting (SA) or manually (ST). These additives temporarily protect the surface from salts (sodium chlorides) sometimes present in the atmosphere, and rust.

    RD-Eco PowerClean is a versatile cleaner and degreaser: floors (garage, service station, industry, workshop, terraces, etc.), walls, metal surfaces (structures, beams, machines, car rims, containers, skips, etc.), painted surfaces , ...

    RD-Eco PowerClean is biodegradable and meets the criteria as defined in CE 648-2004 regulation. 90% degradable in 28 days.


    Compatible with all metals, plastics and glass. Can also be applied to mineral, painted, etc. surfaces.

    Application instructions


    Between 5 and 35°C – 41 and 95°F


    Brush, cloth, spray (high or low pressure).


    +/- 100 m² per liter of concentrate when diluted to 5% in water.
    Final consumption will be influenced by the nature of the substrate, its condition and the method of application.


    Scrape / brush off coarse dirt beforehand.


    1. RD-Eco PowerClean must be diluted with clean water.

    • Brush, cloth: dilute between 5 and 10% into 100% water. Maximum 20% in the event of heavy soiling.
    • Spraying (high or low pressure): dilute between 2 and 4%.

    2. Leave to act for several minutes.

    3. Rinse with clean water, RD-Eco PowerClean is easily removed with water.

    4. Let dry before painting.

    For fragile surfaces, carry out a test 24 hours before treatment.


    Mix well before use. Make a test first on delicate or wooden surfaces and do not let the product act for too long, rinse with water.

    Technical data




    Ca. 1,020 – 1,040 g/cm³




    Not flammable.


    Concentrate : more than 3 years from the date of production. Protect from frost.

    Mixture : up to 4 weeks after mixing with water if stored in a clean, closed container.

    Safety data

    Wear protective gloves, clothing and eyewear when handling.

    Information related to hygiene and to safety can be found in the Safety Data Sheet available on request.

    These specifications are given for information. Since the manufacturer is not able to check the application of the products, he cannot accept any responsibility for it. This technical data sheet replaces all previous editions.

    VERS. D027/230214