Since 2000, RD Coatings is the technical coating range of Dothée S.A.

RD Coatings is the professional range of technical coatings produced by Dothée S.A., a Belgian paint manufacturer active since 1946.

It specializes in the research and development of high performance waterborne coatings for the protection of the building envelope, commercial and industrial facilities, and infrastructures.

RD Coatings consists in a range of High Performance protective coatings, 100% Waterborne, offering solutions for Anti-corrosionLiquid Waterproofing, Anti-carbonation and Wear Resistance.

More about us ...
  • Safe

    RD Coatings offers a range of coatings which is 100% waterborne. It's safer for the applicator, safer to transport, safer to store and better for the environment.

  • Simple

    Most RD Coatings products are single pack and ready for use. We develop our coatings as single product solutions, allowing an easier approach on the project with greater benefits for the specifying bodies, the applicators and the owner.

  • High Performance

    High quality of the raw materials we use, high expertise of our r&d team, long tradition in the manufacturing of technical coatings makes our coatings highly durable and offers higher project productivity.